Warsaw Commuter Railway Ltd. (WKD) kindly notifies that the ticket vending machines are installed at all the stations and stops. The following tickets are available in the vending machines:

  1. single fare tickets (except for free ride tickets i.e., 100% statutory allowance)
  2. period travelcards

The ticket purchase procedure:
a traveller may choose the type of a ticket – a single fare ticket or a period travelcard:

  1. when purchasing a single fare ticket, a traveller chooses the time zone and the discount/allowance rate a traveller is entitled to. It is possible to print the purchase confirmation.
  2. when purchasing a period travelcard:
    choose the type of a travelcard - a personal travelcard, a bearer travelcard,
    choose the type of a travelcard - weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, weekend,
    choose the type of journey - single or return,
    choose the allowance/discount rate to which one is entitled,
    mark the line on the ticket (from a station to a station).

Once a ticket is purchased, a traveller writes in the name and surname of the holder of the ticket.

In case of buying a ticket in a vending machine it is possible to use the “speed dial” interface, where the most frequently purchased single fare tickets (PLN 3.60, PLN 4.80, PLN 7.00, PLN 1.80, PLN 2.40) are to be found. Shall a traveller decide not to use this option, the icon “more tickets” needs to be selected, after which it returns to the standard options of single fare tickets and period travelcards.

A vending machine accepts payments in cash up to PLN 50, bigger sums have to be paid by a credit card.

We encourage passengers to purchase tickets in vending machines.


The complaint office for tickets purchased in tickets vending machines is situated in Warsaw at “Świętokrzyska” underground station; pavilion 1000E 2, phone number: 22 656 41 00.
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The office operates: Monday to Friday, 8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.